Required Credits To Receive Social Security Disability Benefits

In order to be eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits, an individual must have obtained the required minimum amount of credits.  If you do not have the required minimum credits, then no benefits can be paid.

Social Security credits are earned by working and paying Social Security taxes.  An individual can earn up to four credits per year.  Credits are based on total wages and self-employment income earned during the year.  It does not matter when the work was performed.  It may take someone all year to earn four credits, or the credits may be earned in a shorter amount of time.  An individual must earn $1,300.00 to receive one credit and $5,200.00 to receive four credits.

The number of credits needed to be eligible for disability benefits depends on your age when you become disabled.  The chart below lays out the number of credits needed for individuals age thirty-one and older.

If you became disabled at age Number of credits you need
31 to 42 20
44 22
46 24
48 26
50 28
52 30
54 32
56 34
58 36
60 38
62 or older 40


The above is the general rule and does not encompass every factual scenario.  If you have questions or concerns pertaining to your eligibility for Social Security benefits, be sure to contact a licensed attorney.  

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