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Allentown Truck Accident Lawyer

When two cars are involved in an accident, the result is often a minor “fender bender” that leaves no serious injuries. But when a commercial truck is involved in an accident, there is often devastation left in its wake. An 18-wheeler can easily lead to a multi-car pileup on a highway, potentially injuring or even killing multiple victims.

Accidents involving commercial trucks often involve a complicated chain of liability that may implicate not just the truck driver, but also the company that employs them and other third parties. That is why if you are one of the victims it is imperative that you work with an experienced Allentown truck accident lawyer. At the O’Donnell Law Offices, we represent people who have suffered losses in accidents involving commercial trucks.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for a Tractor-Trailer Accident?

In any personal injury lawsuit it is necessary to establish liability–i.e., Whose negligence caused the accident? This is often not a simple question when it comes to an accident involving a tractor-trailer or other commercial truck. There may be multiple parties at-fault, including but not limited to the following:

  • The truck driver – Obviously the first person you always need to look at when it comes to an accident is the person driving the vehicle. If a truck driver failed to obey traffic laws or operated their vehicle in a reckless manner, they can be held personally liable for any accident.
  • The employer – If a truck driver works for another company, that employer can be held vicariously liable for their employee’s negligence in causing an accident.
  • The cargo company – Commercial trucks are commonly hired to transport cargo. If the company responsible for loading that cargo was reckless in doing so, they can be held responsible for an accident.
  • The maintenance company – Tractor-trailers require an extensive amount of maintenance. If a repair shop failed to perform its work properly, that may be a contributing factor in causing an accident.
  • State or local governments – Like every vehicle, commercial trucks depend on the safe maintenance of public roads. So if a state or local government agency failed in its duties, they may be held responsible for a subsequent accident.

One thing to note is that Pennsylvania follows a “no-fault” rule in auto accident cases. This means that if you are injured in a truck accident, you typically need to turn to your own car insurance first for certain damages. If your policy included a “full tort” option, then you may be able to pursue a separate personal claim for economic and non-economic damages if your injuries exceed a certain threshold. (If you only have “limited tort” coverage, then your recovery is limited to economic damages only in most cases.)

Contact the O’Donnell Law Offices Today

A truck accident can often have catastrophic results for many innocent victims and their families. While money cannot repair the damage, it can help victims to begin the process of rebuilding their lives. So if you need to speak with a skilled Allentown truck accident lawyer, contact the O’Donnell Law Offices today to schedule a free consultation.

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