Leadership Wilkes-Barre Class of 2017

Well, unfortunately, our prison tour was postponed.  However, everyone who signed up to participate is eagerly awaiting a new date and time for the tour.   Meanwhile, our class had our closing retreat on May 4th at The Quality Inn, next to TGI Fridays.  We reviewed what we learned and … Read More

Leadership Wilkes-Barre Class of 2017

Well I must say that being part of the Class of 2017 is extremely rewarding. On April 6th, we had class and seminars at the Pittston Library and we were able to participate in a session where we learned about each other’s ethnic backgrounds.  We were encouraged to bring either … Read More

PA Live Prime: The O’Donnell Law Firm

Attorneys Neil & Cathy O’Donnell from O’Donnell Law Offices in Kingston talk about their “Walk In Wednesdays” service on PA Live Prime. Click to View the Video »

Leadership Wilkes-Barre Class of 2017

As an update on my experiences as a member of the LWB Class of 2017, our class had the pleasure of listening to Judge Joseph Cosgrove zealously explain the multiple branches of government and how our judicial system works. He was very engaging and told us many stories to give … Read More

Leadership Wilkes-Barre Class of 2017

I am a proud member of the Olympic Warriors team and our team project regarding the Special Olympians is well underway! It took us awhile to pick a name and our team mission statement is to encourage, equip and enrich the Special Olympians through community service and awareness. Our entire … Read More

Leadership Wilkes-Barre Class of 2017

Well I am happy to report that my team has chosen a name…. Olympic Warriors.  We now have a team name and a team logo, which is the Olympic circles enclosed in the outline of Luzerne County.  We had several wonderful names to choose from and it was a tough … Read More

These Rules Will Assure a Transparent and Fair Election on November 8, 2016

Pennsylvania’s elections are governed by the Pennsylvania Election Code (“Code”). That Code provides important rules to assure a free, fair, and transparent election. For instance: 1. There can be no campaign activity, or “electioneering”, in the polling place itself. (25 P.S. § 3060(c)); 2. All persons — except designated election … Read More

Leadership Wilkes-Barre Class of 2017

Just a follow-up to our opening retreat held on September 22nd and 23rd. It was very informative, challenging and fun! The accommodations at the Fairfield Inn were wonderful. We had a very interesting class participation exercise with W-B City Councilman Tony Brooks. He took us through a detailed time line … Read More

O’Donnell Law Offices on PA LIVE

Picture of Neil O'Donnell on PA Live!

Attorney Neil O’Donnell was recently on PA Live to talk about Walk-In-Wednesdays Watch the video here »

New Jersey May Exclude Drinking Coffee While Driving

The proposed distracted driving legislation in New Jersey is so broad that it may even exclude drinking coffee while driving. http://ow.ly/zCMe3034ZLT