I was involved in a motor vehicle accident, but keep putting off doing anything

Picture of rear-end accident

It was a busy time.  The holidays, the visitors, the prep, and it was a busy time.  The holidays, the visitors, the prep, and the takedown, all demand so much time.  In the midst of it all, you were involved in a motor vehicle accident.  There was just no time … Read More

Drunk Driving Accidents: Bars and Taverns Must Not Serve Drunk Customers

Picture of emergency responders at the scene of a car accident

This is the third of a three-part series. We are all too familiar with the devastating impacts of drunk driving. DUI collisions expose drunk drivers to lawsuits for victims’ injuries or death. But “dram shop” laws in Pennsylvania also allow drunk driving victims, or their families, to hold bars, taverns, and … Read More

Drunk Driving Accidents: Injured by a Drunk Driver – Can my Insurance Help?

Picture of glasses of alcohol with car keys

This is the second of a three-part series. All too often those who are reckless enough to drive drunk are also reckless enough to carry minimal insurance needed to compensate those who are innocently injury by such conduct.  Even worse, we see many drunk drivers who simply break Pennsylvania’s mandatory automobile … Read More

Drunk Driving Accidents: I Think I Was Hit by Drunk Driver

Picture of ambulance answering an emergency call

This is the first of a three-part series. The Situation to the Police Immediately Upon Arrival at the Station. If you are able without putting yourself or others at risk, get the driver’s information, especially the license plate. In this way, if the other driver leaves prior to the arrival … Read More

Don’t Let Road Rage Ruin Your Summer Road Trip

Picture of rear-end accident

Nearly every driver has experienced it one way or another–road rage! Road rage is driving in an aggressive or hostile manner. While its natural to feel some level of anger or frustration when someone cuts you off; pushes their way in between you and the vehicle in front of you; … Read More

Obeying Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are posted for the safety of all drivers, but are often ignored by even the most experienced drivers. Ignoring some signs often result in a ticket.  It is important to remember, every time you disobey a traffic sign, the outcome can be two-fold: It can result in a … Read More