Pennsylvania Supreme Court: School District May Be Held Liable For Child’s Gym Class Injuries

head injury

In a decision issued on December 28, 2018, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court held a child who sustained a concussion during gym class could maintain a lawsuit against the school district. Jarrett Brewington said he was “running too fast and couldn’t stop and I tripped and fell. . . and hit … Read More

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act

Picture of worker hurt after a workplace accident

Last June the Pennsylvania Supreme Court dealt an important and justified win for injured workers in Protz v. WCAB (Derry Area School District).  The High Court determined that the impairment rating provisions of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act are unconstitutional in their entirety.  In so doing the Court wiped out … Read More


Picture of lawyer doing paperwork at desk with Lady Liberty statue

In a 5-4 decision issued last week, the United States Supreme Court held police must obtain a search warrant before seeking data showing the location of cell phone users. Importantly, this is the third in a series of rulings limiting police access to digital data. Writing for the majority in … Read More