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Easton Personal Injury Lawyer

Most of us do our best, in our day-to-day lives, to avoid hurting other people. Unfortunately, this is not true for everyone, as evidenced by the millions of people who are injured in accidents every year. Fortunately, it is possible to hold negligent and reckless individuals, companies, and even government agencies, liable for their failure to use reasonable care in their dealings with others. To learn more about filing a lawsuit against the person or entity who caused your own accident, feel free to reach out to our dedicated Easton personal injury lawyer today.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

Unfortunately, there are a lot of different ways that people can hurt each other, even by accident. In some cases, when these kinds of accidents occur, the individuals who caused them could be held liable for the injured party’s losses. Most personal injury lawsuits involve claims stemming from:

If you were hurt in an accident through no fault of your own, you could be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, property damage, and lost wages. To learn more, please reach out to our Easton personal injury lawyers today.

Establishing Negligence

To file a successful personal injury lawsuit, a plaintiff will need to provide evidence of negligence on the part of the defendant, or prove that the at-fault party failed to use the degree of care that a reasonable person would have used in the same situation. There are four main parts to a negligence claim:

  • The existence of a legal duty owed by the defendant to the plaintiff;
  • Proof that a defendant breached that duty;
  • Proof that the plaintiff suffered an injury; and
  • Proof that the defendant’s breach led to the plaintiff’s injury.

The types of evidence used to establish negligence will vary depending on the facts of the case. For instance, if a person was injured in a car accident because another driver ran a red light, then the victim would need to prove that in violating a traffic law, the defendant failed to use reasonable care and upon colliding with the plaintiff’s car, caused his or her injuries. Traffic camera footage, eyewitness testimony, and evidence from the scene of the accident could all be used to prove negligence. If, on the other hand, someone was hurt during a botched surgery, he or she may need expert testimony to prove that the medical professional didn’t abide by the proper standard of care.

Speak with an Experienced Easton Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one were hurt in an accident and you have questions about your own recovery options, please call the O’Donnell Law Offices for help. You can set up a free consultation with one of our dedicated Easton personal injury lawyer by calling 570-821-5717, or by completing one of our online contact forms. And rest assured, there are no fees or costs for our legal services unless we win your case.

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