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Hazleton Uber Accident Lawyer

As more people begin to use rideshare services like Uber, it’s no surprise that accidents are becoming more common. These can leave customers confused about how to proceed and who will pay for their damages. This can be extra concerning if you’re a passenger in a rideshare vehicle who is completely not at fault. What happens if you’re the Uber driver?

No matter what type of accident you’re in that involves an Uber, you need a skilled Hazleton Uber accident lawyer who can help. At O’Donnell Law Offices, we have experience handling different types of rideshare accidents. Contact us and let one of our lawyers go over how we can help.

Insurance Requirements for Uber

Uber vehicles are not the same as taxi cabs. Taxi cabs are licensed, and vehicle owners and drivers must meet all requirements for insurance. There are specific laws that will deal with liability and taxi cabs in the event of an accident. Uber and other rideshare services are not cabs. In most cases, the vehicles belong to the individual drivers and therefore they must carry their own personal insurance.

Uber carries insurance as well, but it doesn’t provide coverage in every accident involving an Uber driver. Based on the policy language, Uber’s insurance coverage is secondary to that of the driver’s personal insurance. If the driver doesn’t have a policy that allows for rideshare services, his or her carrier could deny coverage altogether. Uber is quick to deny coverage as well, which is why it’s so important you retain a lawyer to help.

Fortunately, a law was passed in Pennsylvania that not only made rideshare legal across the state, it also requires all rideshare drivers to carry rideshare insurance that shows they drive for Uber, Lyft, etc. The problem is, though, that each driver has different carriers so there is no rhyme or reason on how they will extend coverage.

How Pennsylvania Law Views Ubers for Liability Purposes

The law is relatively unclear in regard to liability and Uber accidents. Like other for-profit companies, Uber’s goal is to save money and not pay out unless absolutely necessary. To help its position, Uber treats itself as a technology services company, similar to that of an Internet provider. Because it claims not to be a transportation company, it limits responsibility in an accident involving an Uber driver.

In addition, Uber drivers are not employees of the company, they are independent contractors. This creates further confusion in resolving claims as Uber will deny any liability for any negligence on behalf of the Uber driver.

Per the language in the Uber contract, their insurance is secondary after the driver’s own coverage and will only apply in select circumstances. If the Uber driver is using the app, on duty, and has logged in and accepted a ride, then the insurance might apply after the driver’s coverage. In the event the driver has not yet accepted a ride yet, Uber will reduce potential coverage.

Contact a Pennsylvania Uber Accident Lawyer Today

If you need assistance after an Uber accident in Pennsylvania, contact O’Donnell Law Offices today to schedule an initial consultation.

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