Northeastern Pennsylvania Area Truck Accident Attorneys

truck accidents

Every year, thousands of motorists are killed or seriously injured by the negligent operation of large trucks. Large trucks represent only 3% of all registered vehicles driven on the road, yet account for over 25% of the fatalities that occur in multiple vehicle collisions.

Since the trucking industry is heavily regulated and potentially owned by large corporations, a collision involving a truck is usually significantly more complex than an automobile accident case. At O’Donnell Law Offices, we have the experience to guide you through this claim and help you collect the maximum amount owed.

In truck accidents claims, the services and testimony of a trucking expert are often necessary to prove a case. A trucking expert has worked in the industry, is familiar with regulations, equipment, accounts and practices, and can use his or her expertise to determine if safety regulations were violated. Typically an engineer is needed to review the existing physical and factual data to recreate the sequence of events which led to the accident. Gathering the personnel for the presentation of a truck accident claim can be time consuming and difficult, which is why a skilled and experienced law firm is necessary. In most cases, testimony from physicians or vocational witnesses is needed to further develop the accident, injury and related issues. Without this information your case cannot be properly presented and full compensation may not be obtained.

At O’Donnell Law Offices, our Wilkes-Barre truck accident attorneys will seek out information from insurance adjusters, trucking experts, doctors and witnesses. We will also maintain the accuracy of their corresponding testimonies and reports. To protect your legal rights following a serious bodily injury resulting from a trucking accident, schedule a free initial consultation with O’Donnell Law Offices. There is no fee or costs until we win your case.