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A Pennsylvania Grand Jury report in August, 2018 identified more than 300 clergy accused of sexual abuse of more than 1,000 child victims over several decades.  Two hundred seventy (270) names were released to the public in that report.  Comments of Attorney Josh Shapiro, in the wake of the Grand … Read More

Pennsylvania Supreme Court: School District May Be Held Liable For Child’s Gym Class Injuries

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In a decision issued on December 28, 2018, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court held a child who sustained a concussion during gym class could maintain a lawsuit against the school district. Jarrett Brewington said he was “running too fast and couldn’t stop and I tripped and fell. . . and hit … Read More

After Several Deadly Bus Accidents, Are Your Children Safe?

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In a three-day span at the end of October, several children were injured or killed in school-bus related accidents. These crashes occurred in Mississippi, Indiana, and two Florida cities. In Pennsylvania, authorities reported that a driver hit a 7-year-old boy while he was waiting at the bus stop, and the … Read More

It’s Time for Federal Regulation of Amusement Park Safety

As the summer of 2016 winds down, it’s a good time to consider amusement park safety. The amusement park industry is a $12 billion a year industry. Consider the many news stories involving incidents of severe injury, even death, in parks across the country this summer — including several incidents … Read More