Are my Work Injury Wage Loss Checks Paid at Correct Rate?

Picture of worker hurt after a workplace accident

Injured workers are eligible for wage loss benefits following a work related injury.  How those benefits are calculated depends on the unique circumstances of the injured worker’s employment. Generally speaking, an injured worker receives a percentage of his/her average weekly earnings during weeks of disability following a work injury.  The … Read More

Injured at the Office Holiday Party – Is it Possible that I am covered by workers’ comp?

The short answer is yes, it is possible.  Employees injured within the “course and scope” of their employment relationship are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.  Employees suffering injury or death attending a social event, such as a holiday party, have been found by the Pennsylvania Courts to fall under the … Read More

Get Your Workers’ Comp Papers in Order – They Matter!

I can’t tell you how many injured workers come into our office without the proper documentation backing up the legal status of their case.  I promise you, it is rarely the fault of the injured worker, but rather the lack of attention by the insurance adjuster to the laws and … Read More