What is a Deposition?

A deposition is part of the “Discovery” process in a lawsuit.  The purpose of depositions in some cases is to assist the attorney in finding out what a witness may know about the case as well as allowing the client to tell their version of what took place. Depositions allow all facts of the case […]

Why have a Will?

A Will is a legal document which puts in writing what you want to have happen to your property upon your death.  In Pennsylvania, if at the time of your death, you do not have a Will, any property you own in your name alone, after payment of all taxes and debts, will be distributed […]

Social Security Benefits For Children

A family can run into emotional and financial difficulties if a primary income earner becomes disabled or unexpectedly passes away. These extremely unfortunate circumstances can have a negative impact on your child or children. Many children are eligible to receive benefits to help provide for the necessities of life.  Millions of children receive benefits from […]


A subpoena duces tecum is a document used to obtain information in a civil or criminal case.   Presently this type of subpoena is commonly called a “Subpoena to Produce Documents or Things for Discovery”.  A subpoena is also used in Workers’ Compensation cases for the same purpose.  In a Workers’ Compensation case, a subpoena is […]

The Workers’ Compensation Independent Medical Exam – There’s Nothing Independent About It!

Last month my workers’ compensation topic focused on treating with your own doctor after a work injury.  This month we’re going to talk about doctors again but with a different twist.  I’m talking about the “independent” medical examiner.  Who is he and what is his role in your workers’ compensation case? Section 314 of the […]

Pokémon Go!

As a 52 year old woman, whose children watched the animated Pokemon series nearly 2 decades ago, I am surprised to admit not only do I know what this game is (these now adult children tuned me in), but I think the interaction of actual GPS and these animated characters is intriguing. What is Pokémon […]

Who is Responsible for Payment of Medical Bills When Injured in an Accident?

Workers’ Compensation Claim: Should you injure yourself on the job, the Employer and its insurance company is responsible to pay for all reasonable and necessary medical expenses incurred for treatment rendered for your work injury(ies).  This includes payments of co-pays for medical appointments, medication(s) and travel expenses to and from medical appointments.  It is important […]


  The United States Department of Education has instituted a program allowing for the write-off of student loan debt for individuals with severe mental or physical disabilities.  The program is called Total and Permanent Discharge (TPD). A TPD relieves the disabled individual from having to repay: (1) William D. Ford Federal Direct Loans; (2) Federal […]