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Neal, Nicole & Staff thanked for helping a client through a tragic accident.

Catherine O’Donnell thanked for helping a son with his father’s estate administration

The attorneys at O’Donnnell Law Offices are skilled, intelligent and experienced. As you navigate through the legal system you could not be in better hands. Best of all, Neil and Michael are kind, compassionate, trustworthy and understanding. However, do not mistake these qualities for weaknesses. In the courtroom they will fight with a style that bewilders the other teams. These men have what it takes to win! I want to extend my personal thanks to the folks at O’Donnell Law Offices for their assistance. God bless them all.



Thank you so much for all your help-I appreciate it!


Marlene’s Story

Al’s Story

Thank You For Speaking

Dear Neil:

Thank you for speaking at the AAJ Trucking Litigation Group’s Seminar. I truly appreciate all of the hard work you did in preparing your paper, your PowerPoint and your remarks for the presentation. I know firsthand how many hours it takes to deliver the type of professional performance that you did at the seminar. You did a great job and I heard very favorable comments from the audience members — as you will remember, we had a packed room.

I am grateful for all of your work on behalf of the Trucking Litigation Group. It is because of you and the other speakers that the seminar was a success.

Very truly yours, Marion Munley

Taking Such Good Care of Us

Hi Neil,

We just wanted to say Thank You again for taking such good care of us and holding our hands throughout this whole process. We always felt like we were your only clients — and that is the highest compliment you can give a lawyer.

Although life is still a struggle my load feels a little lighter right now. Thank you!

-Maria & Anthony Heck

Our Heartfelt Thanks…

We want to send our heartfelt thanks to Attorney Neil O’Donnell, Attorney Catherine, Noelle, Tanya and Brenda for taking our case! You were more than just a legal team! In addition to being very professional, everyone was so caring, compassionate and thoughtful! At times, it was very difficult going over the facts in our daughter’s death, but you were very understanding every step of the way, and we greatly appreciate it.

Everyone helped us make the right decisions for all concerned and helped us through a process we didn’t know how to handle. Everyone understood and respected that we were in so much confusion and pain from the loss of (our daughter). You made us feel our loss was personal to all at O’Donnell Law; we are pleased that our daughter’s case mattered so much to you.

We know we would have never gotten the results we did without such an outstanding law firm. We are very pleased we chose O’Donnell Law during very difficult times for our family. We will always be grateful to everyone involved for making certain our settlement was just and fair. Thank you again for all your compassion!

God Bless Everyone at O’Donnell Law A and L

Health, Wealth, and Laughter

Thanks for all you do for all your clients you represent. We will remember your many years of work on our behalf and tell others of your excellent law office.

Health, wealth, and laughter to you both now and in the New Year 2018!

Sincerely, Barbara and David

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