Look Out! Here Come “E-SCOOTERS”


As we know from Uber, Lift, and other services — vehicle sharing is now a part of our lives.  In fact, in larger cities, you may have noticed vehicle sharing includes “E-Scooters”. E-Scooters are pay-per-minute electric scooters.  Estimates demonstrate that since 2010, the bike-share industry has offered users more than … Read More

Don’t Let Road Rage Ruin Your Summer Road Trip

Picture of rear-end accident

Nearly every driver has experienced it one way or another–road rage! Road rage is driving in an aggressive or hostile manner. While its natural to feel some level of anger or frustration when someone cuts you off; pushes their way in between you and the vehicle in front of you; … Read More

Obeying Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are posted for the safety of all drivers, but are often ignored by even the most experienced drivers. Ignoring some signs often result in a ticket.  It is important to remember, every time you disobey a traffic sign, the outcome can be two-fold: It can result in a … Read More

Warmer Weather Means Increased Pedestrian Traffic

With the warmer weather upon us and temperatures are on the rise, so is the increase of automobile-pedestrian accidents. These types of accidents are due to distracted drivers and pedestrians who are not alert to their surroundings.  Auto-pedestrian incidents usually result in life altering injuries, even death.     The most … Read More