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The office is following all of The PA Dept of Health and CDC guidelines in order to protect all visitors and our staff.

Category Archives: Pedestrian Traffic



By O'Donnell Law Offices |

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, in a majority opinion authored by Justice David Wecht, published on December 22, 2020, struck a significant blow to the sudden emergency defense in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Specifically, in Graham v. Check, a pedestrian was stricken by a motor vehicle at nighttime, in an area with no crosswalk.  The… Read More »

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Spinal Cord Injuries

By O'Donnell Law Offices |

If you suffered injuries in a car accident, there is a chance you may have catastrophic medical injuries including damage to your spinal cord. The severity of spinal cord injuries ranges widely and spinal cord injuries ultimately may be permanent or even result in death. The following are common kinds of spinal cord injuries… Read More »

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Look Out! Here Come “E-SCOOTERS”

By O'Donnell Law Offices |

As we know from Uber, Lift, and other services — vehicle sharing is now a part of our lives.  In fact, in larger cities, you may have noticed vehicle sharing includes “E-Scooters”. E-Scooters are pay-per-minute electric scooters.  Estimates demonstrate that since 2010, the bike-share industry has offered users more than 123,000,000 paid trips in… Read More »

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