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Pittston Social Security Disability Lawyer

The federal government offers a number of programs that provide assistance to people with disabilities. One of these programs, which is known as the Social Security Disability Insurance program, is administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA) and is only available to those with disabilities who also meet certain medical criteria. The process of applying for Social Security disability benefits is complicated and many applicants are denied benefits due to minor and avoidable errors, so if you or a loved one are currently suffering from a disability and believe that you may qualify for benefits, it is important to contact a Pittston Social Security Disability lawyer who can help you file your claim.

Eligibility Requirements

As one of the two largest programs offered by the Social Security Administration, Social Security Disability Insurance provides qualifying individuals with benefits, but only if they fulfill certain eligibility requirements. For instance, to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, an applicant must:

  • Have worked for an employer that collected Social Security taxes; and
  • Suffer from a medical condition that meets the agency’s definition of disability.

Applicants who satisfy these requirements could be eligible for monthly benefits, which will continue until they are able to return to work on a regular basis.

Defining Disability

A medical condition will only qualify as a disability for the purposes of obtaining benefits if:

  • The applicant cannot do the work that he or she did before;
  • The applicant’s condition is so severe that it limits his or her ability to complete basic job duties, such as standing, walking, lifting, sitting, and remembering;
  • The SSA determines that the applicant cannot adjust to other work because of his or her medical condition; and
  • The applicant’s disability has lasted or is expected to last for at least a year or to result in the applicant’s death.

The SSA’s definition of what constitutes a disability is relatively strict. For instance, the Social Security Administration does not offer benefits to those whose disabilities are considered partial or as having only short-term consequences.

How Long Will I Receive Disability Benefits?

Those who qualify for disability benefits will usually continue receiving those benefits until they are able to return to work on a regular basis. If, however, a person reaches retirement age before recovering from an illness or injury, those benefits will continue to be paid in the same amount, although they will automatically convert to retirement benefits. Even after a person is no longer considered disabled and returns to work, he or she could still qualify for work incentives that allow that individual to continue to receive benefits and healthcare coverage to ensure that the transition back to work is as smooth as possible.

Call an Experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer for Help

If you have questions about applying for disability benefits or want to ensure that your own application or appeal is filed properly and on time, please contact the dedicated Social Security disability attorney at the O’Donnell Law Offices today. You can reach our office by calling 570-821-5717 or by completing one of our brief online contact forms.

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