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When accidents happen, they are often life-changing. Within seconds a person can go from living an ordinary and routine life to one that is full of physical pain, emotional distress, and significant financial challenges. When someone else’s negligence has caused the accident, injury victims can often pursue compensation to help ease the financial burden of their injuries.

If you have been injured by someone else’s carelessness or recklessness, it’s important you speak to a Wilkes-Barre personal injury lawyer. An attorney can help you obtain the full amount of compensation available.

Areas of Personal Injury Law

Unfortunately, there are many different types of personal injury accidents that occur every day within Pennsylvania. The most common of these include:

When any of these accidents occur, a personal injury attorney can help those hurt claim compensation to offset the financial burden caused by their injuries.

Compensation Available in Personal Injury Cases

Pennsylvania law recognizes that accident victims have rights when they are hurt and someone else is to blame. One of those rights is to claim compensation for their injuries. This compensation is meant to restore accident victims to the condition they were in before the accident and to help with the financial aspects of their injuries. No one can state with certainty how much compensation an accident victim can receive, but there are common types of compensation available in these claims. Those include:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Diminished future earning capacity
  • Loss of consortium, or marital relationship
  • Loss of guidance, comfort, and support
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Funeral and burial expenses

To obtain the maximum amount of compensation, those injured should always speak to a personal injury attorney.

How a Personal Injury Attorney can Help

Many accident victims think they can take their case on alone. However, while it’s true that Pennsylvania law does not require that accident victims are represented by an attorney, it’s to their benefit to speak to one.

Simply being in an accident and claiming that someone else was at fault is not enough to receive compensation after an accident. Those hurt must prove that someone else’s negligence caused the accident, and that negligence also caused their injuries. This is much more difficult to prove than many injured people think.

A personal injury attorney will know how to conduct an investigation and prove that another person was at fault for your injuries. Attorneys know what evidence to look for on the accident scene and will collect it and preserve it to prove you were not at fault for the crash. Attorneys also have extensive networks of expert witnesses, such as accident reconstruction professionals, that can also determine and testify on how the accident occurred.

Lastly, a personal injury attorney will ensure that your rights are upheld throughout your entire claim. They will speak to the insurance company on your behalf, and negotiate a fair settlement that will fully cover the cost of your injuries.

Call Our Wilkes-Barre Personal Injury Lawyers Today

If you’ve been hurt in an accident you need help, and our Wilkes-Barre personal injury lawyers can provide you with it. At O’Donnell Law Offices, we know the serious injuries that result from accidents. We also know those accidents also shouldn’t cost you financially. Our attorneys are committed to ensuring the rights of accident victims are upheld and we’ll work hard to get you the full amount of compensation you deserve. If you or a loved one has been hurt, call us today at (570) 821-5717 to schedule your free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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